10 Basic Hair Care Tips

10 Basic Hair Care Tips

This world is a busy place. Everyone literally has to do everything, that too in a short span of time, but we humans don’t get to live for 300 years like a tortoise, I mean yes, they have all rights to be lazy, but you don’t and while the clock is ticking you also have to look gorgeous and stunning. This is absolutely too much for a tiny little soul, thank god you have your beautiful, silky, smooth hair, and you have got to learn some hair care tips.

You deserve hair care, as they are the first or maybe the second thing anyone notices when they see you for the first time. Trust me good hair day is a thing.

So, if you wanna rock every day like a boss, carry your smile and those beautiful shiny waves with you. To know how to care for your hair continue reading.

1. Changing shampoo repeatedly:

As some theories exist, they say your scalp gets used to the formula and composition of one shampoo and you should keep swapping it every once in awhile, which is not completely true. In a country like India, we experience four seasons and requirements of your scalp changes with every season. Here the type of water you are used to also plays a major role, or you might have just changed your eating routine or your diet. the truth is, you will be the first one to notice when your hair will need a new shampoo and there is no scientific proof that your old one just suddenly stops working one day because you have been using it for too long.

2. The hair mask is bliss for hair care:

One thing we Indians are very familiar with is the use of shampoo and conditioner but a hair mask that plays a very vital role is yet to be brought to limelight. Hair mask stays in your hair for longer, therefore, provides the roots and scalp with time to absorb what is required.

one thing though; you can use conditioner as a hair mask

  pro tip: if you don’t have a hair mask, you can use your regular conditioner as a hair mask. you just have to spray some water, apply conditioner all over(except scalp) tie in a bun, forget for few hours. and then wash away with shampoo.

3. Oil is not for everyone;

Not all scalps are the same. You should know whether your scalp is oily or dry. and whether your hair needs conditioning, smoothing. you should be able to read them because they don’t speak. if your scalp is already oily don’t add in some extra oil, instead, you can just use some light, non-greasy oil. if your scalp is a dry type, you definitely need some chumpy every weekend.

4. The requirement of your scalp changes with the weather:

During summer sun tends to take away some of the moisture from your roots and you use cold water to wash your hair, which increases the requirement of extra care, while in winter, hot water is mostly used.

Thus the requirement of the scalp is different. You should be able to identify timely what needs to be changed in your hair care routine or else they tend to break and will give you sour-full hair-fall

5. Don’t go too harsh on chemicals:

Re-bonding, hair smoothing, keratin treatment, hair color and then of-course hair spray, blow dryer, hair straightener, these are all the words you are already familiar with. most popular treatments and gadgets at present. but all the chemicals and harshness they bring to you should not be rugged under the mat. you will always have this choice, either to add some chemicals today and make them look better or to protect them so that you can have them for longer life. whatever they may say. these are chemicals they will bite you one day, if not today, tomorrow

6. The number of washes per week:

This is your choice, but of-course keeping in mind washing hair daily does wash away all the dirt and grease but it also washes away all the natural oils and serum that your scalp produces for there protection. you have to choose wisely.

7. Identify the length of your hair:

Admit it, there is a certain length up-to which your hair can grow depending upon the nutrients and protein present in your system. do not push them beyond there natural length and get a hair cut whenever required. Of course, you can increase their limit but by adding more nutrients and protein to your system. This is a gradual and natural process and should not be forced onto your hair. Also, the length of your hair depends on your age too.

8. Do not tie your hair while going to bed;

When you sleep, the body does its repairing work. and circulates blood throughout your system. bounding hair while sleeping, tightens the roots and hinders blood circulation, you might wake up with a headache. so lose them free and let them have a little life of there own.

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9. Comb your scalp at least twice a day :

Ancient but true. while you pull the comb through your scalp it massages the roots and increases blood flow which definitely promotes growth but also eases headache. believe me. this is tried and tested.

10. Not everything works for everyone:

In the end, your hair is your responsibility and you have to recognize there needs. there like dislikes. They are like your children, they can’t tell you what they want, but they do it in their own way.


just trying to shaping it blue.

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