About Us

Shaping blue is an attempt to bring together new and innovative ideas to help you master your life! From struggling life issues to important subjects like Health, Fitness and Food we have got it all covered. Our intent is to create an integrated universe for all.
We believe that as we humans advanced, we left behind the idea of why earth was created in the first place. According to us, earth was created for all of us to come together and live our lives in harmony. Earth is an adventure, a breathtaking experience that everyone gets to enjoy only once.
We have made our lives so consuming and harsh that we have come far away from the word enjoying and therefore suffer from health issues such as depression and anxiety. India, US and China are the most depressed countries in the whole world.
We believe that there can be a different approach to everything in life and everyone should master the beautiful art of living a happy and healthy life.
You can join us on this journey and we will together make Earth a holistic and happy experience.

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