What is the best time to wake up?

What is the best time to wake up?

I wake up at 6:30 today and so I do every morning and yet I am never able to reach work on time. So I was wondering sitting here at my desk What is the best time to wake up?

Let’s find out.


Everybody has there own 24 hours cycle. they wake up at a certain time and have their own hours of sleep. some feel fresh by only sleeping for 6 hours while for others even 12 hours are not enough. There is no best time to wake up.

You may wake up at 6 in the morning and feel tired in the middle of the day or you can wake up at 12 in the noon and remain awake till 2 in the morning. It’s your choice until you are not affecting your health. There is no universal law.


If you have office every day or you are school going then you obviously have to wake up at least 2 hours before leaving your house. When I was in college I used to wake up 1.5 hours before college. I used to give half-hour to my morning goodness activity where I would sit-sip on my tea and make a plan for my entire day. This very important to plan your day in advance. It does two good things:

  1. It gives you a basic idea about how long your day is going to be, how much energy you will require. You know no two days are same, some days are extremely consuming, all the work of your entire life has to be done on that day only, while others pass by easily.
  2. Secondly, you will already know what mood you are in, do you actually want to do what you have to do and so it will make your life a whole planned and well-executed game plan.


If you are a housewife or you work from home you have your own schedule that does not match with the rest of the world. You can wake up whenever you want. This has both positive and negative aspects.

Positive being you have your own will. There is no pressure on doing anything at a particular time. Take my example I work at my own will. (no boss. no reporting) . This gives me the freedom to do experiments with my schedule and explore all possible options.

Negative being, now that you are not reporting to anybody you start being easy on yourself because we all are humans we like little nap time, a day off. and we lack the motivation of actually getting up and executing our ideal life.

I face this as well but then I have an excellent plan.

I take help from a friend of mine. We work at the same place. She is not into this same field, but now when I know that she is going to come, I feel a little responsible for her too, and this gives me the motivation to get up every day and be ready.( p.s. I m never on time, but I am working on it) you can try this as well. It really works.


We spend up to 25% of our life sleeping. According to a survey of National Sleep Foundation, an average sleep of 7-9 hours is required by a person of age 18 to 64 years to have enough energy for the entire day and live a healthy lifestyle.

While the number of hours is discovered after deep researching. There are no claims on what is the best time to wake up?


I would say, you should wake up when your body allows you to. When you sleep, your body goes into reviving mode. All the repairing tasks are operated when you are asleep. Your brain stimulates maximum hormones when you sleep which then helps you to carry on the next day. If you will not sleep properly or you will not give enough rest to your body you might face any of these issues:

  1. Headaches
  2. Bad Digestion
  3. Fatigue
  4. Drained of energy
  5. Slower reflexes

Still facing difficulty in having a good sleep, then you should try out these remedies:

  1. Have your sleep scheduled, and don’t change it often.
  2. Switch off lights, mobile and electronics at least 45 minutes before bed.
  3. Practice yoga or some other exercise.
  4. Have complete dietary food.
  5. Try brainstorming when you wake up and not when sleep.

The ultimate mantra is to live light, some people get stressed over not getting stressed. Take it easy. It’s OK if you get late sometimes, it’s OK to remain awake till 4 in the morning and waking up straight at 12 in the noon. Everything in life is amendable until you are happy.

Do checkout my early wake-up playlist.

You sleep to live, You don’t live to sleep!

(who-else but EKTA)





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