How does Banana helps your body?

How does Banana helps your body?

Banana is a wonderful fruit. workouts and banana are always used in the same sentence. you will mostly find a juice or shake corner outside a gym. if you are reading this you are definitely curious to know why is the world so obsessed with this fruit. let’s find out.

Nutritional Facts about Banana:

The following nutrients make Banana a superfood.


Banana is rich in potassium. potassium helps in maintaining body fluid levels, muscle contraction. because of high potassium, it is generally consumed after a workout. so that it can repair all the torn out tissues and bring back all the lost energy.


It is everything your body needs. as more research is is found to have immune-boosting properties, helps in the growth, development, and repairing of all body tissues. it also has anti-aging properties. not only this it works as a wonder for your skin, nails, teeth.


It helps in the production of energy and protein in the body. magnesium also helps with a healthy immune system. it maintains muscle functions.

There are thousands of other benefits of Banana but now you must know my experience with this fruit.

Ok, I had Banana for 90 days

I started working out six months before. ever-since I am consuming one Banana per day after every workout. I do normal weight training and cardio.

At first, I could not understand what the fuss was all about. I did not like the taste of it to be honest. Then I added one spoon of chocolate powder to it. Just blend in one banana with half glass of water and half milk. Your yummy smoothie is ready to go.

After one month, I noticed my nails were stronger and some extra glow on the skin. I had struggled with weak nails all my life. considering I don’t take any supplements whatsoever.

In the second month. I had more strength, I could feel muscles building up. At this stage, I was obsessed with that smoothie.

In the third month, I saw, that I was not losing any weight and my trainer suggested that I should stick to one banana only because I was almost having three per day.


So my dear one’s, if you are at home and not doing any kind of workout you can have one banana. If you workout you can have a smoothie. You do heavy workouts you can have three or four. point is, it depends on your body. so you can always try different combinations and choose what’s best for you. but one thing is for sure, it is indeed a miracle fruit. you should definitely add this to your diet.

Pro-tip on how to store banana for longer use.

Peel them off and store in an airtight box. keep in the freezer. a frozen banana is good for a smoothie.


Just trying to shaping it blue.


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