How to be strong?

How to be strong is a little difficult to understand, so first, understand what is silence?

Silence to everyone is different. Sometimes a full crowded room feels silent, sometimes silence is peaceful sometimes silence is breath sucking, to me, silence is confusing and enlightening.

It’s been two months since I lost my father and I am still struggling. People have mixed thoughts about where I should live what I should do, and I feel nothing, no emotions just echoed silence in my house in my life inside my head everywhere.

So, I wrote these lines one night.

Everything difficult!

I struggle with most things now,
Getting out of bed is difficult
Feeling hungry is difficult
Looking in the mirror is difficult
starting a conversation is difficult
Even Ending one is difficult
Thinking is difficult, being quite is difficult
Expressing is what I find most difficult

What do they say?

What to say, what not to say
So many people, I know some, others I have met for the first time.
People asking me what my plan is now.
I can’t even remember what my password is.
I want to stay, stop for some time
Take it all in, breathe in reality.
I am not broken, but shocked,
I will take some time, and I deserve it
My inspiration to be alive is gone.
How am I supposed to move on?
They say what’s gone is gone.

My point.

But my point is I need time to accept what’s gone, there is a whole in life, a big one, I am not trying to fill it, it can’t be filled, but comforting myself with this hole.
So my game plan, for now, is just to breathe everyday stay alive, eat, sleep and repeat.

Be ready for what’s to come.

I believe it’s my turn to feel it all, we all have to go through it. No life is eternal, no one is gonna stay with you forever, so love your loved ones for every single sight you have of them, every time you hear their voice, when you see them asleep love them to your 100%. 

How will you stay strong?

Sometimes for staying strong, you don’t actually have to do anything, just accepting what’s happened and making peace with it, is all that is required. It might take time but you will end up somewhere better.

(Just trying to shaping it blue)

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