I feel anyone can achieve anything if they master how to focus? Growing up, I was a scholar kind in academics and extra-curricular as well but after completing school, I had to move to another city for Graduation and that is when I found it hardest to focus.
Everything seemed difficult, finding food when hungry, reaching classes on time, managing money;

I could not even comb my hair every day. Not only me all of us hostlers were the same. Let’s face it, it’s difficult to manage life without parents and you realize it when you see other kids all dressed up, clean clothes, who have breakfast cause you know they have parents( PS: we had to wash our clothes our own, so we don’t and we had to wake up early for breakfast so we didn’t)


I had always controlled my life, I did what I wanted, and life turned out pretty well, but at the end of graduation I realized that I have completely lost it and I was too deep into that careless mode of life (where nothing really matters, if you are in your final semester you will relate) and I knew it was not possible to get out now so I did what we all do, nothing and waited to be back home.

I had thousands of plans, I would do yoga, go to the gym be fit, study and when I came back, life came crashing down. Now I would not even get out of bed, parents could not tolerate me that way and we started fighting. One day I had suicidal thoughts, I did not attempt. But I could now understand

how the brain takes over everything and doesn’t allow to even speak (more on this later), anyway so now I realized that I have lost control of my life which is even more important than focus.


So, if you have read this article this far, you are already patient which is our next ingredient to
master focus.
Now read the following steps carefully:

Close your eyes and( Naah I ain’t doing that shit)


The first step is to realize that you have lost focus or that you have to make some extra
efforts to get your life back on track ( if you knew it already congratulations you are one
step closer)


After realizing, you will have to highlight the area of life that needs to be mended first
(easy tip: sit down for 20 minutes with your most favorite music on and play it loud so
that you cannot be disturbed and you will start thinking about one thing and then
another, count what did you think about the most number of times, its exactly the area
that’s troubling you most)

Now that you have your problem, think about the best solution.

The solution can be any of these:
A. To do or not to do something
B. To forget or remember something
C. To look forward in future or visit your past once again
D. When nothing works, just let go, accept and float with the flow.

Sometimes we just have to accept things the way they are, even when they are
heartbreaking, unfair, ( why ME kind of things)

The early you let go the easier it is


And then start working towards your life.
Believe me, time is the best medicine, and when everything will be over you will be most proud of yourself. Your biggest problem will become your biggest achievement.
“If I went through that and came out alive then I can fire up the whole world”
And that’s it; this is how you focus, in reality, you never lost it. It was lost inside you and you can choose to be whatever, whenever you want to be. You have enough light to brighten up the world.


The last and most difficult ingredient is Belief. Believing in yourself is hard, people will shout out your failures and tell you 1000 reasons why you are not worth it, but you will have to stick to that one reason why you can, it’s tough, but our world is unfair and you need to take over it.


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