How to remove tan is most asked question by Indians as India typically gets more sunlight in the month of June being a sub-tropical country and even after using tonnes of sunscreens, lotions we are left with the darkest tanned skin ever. So, if you too have this same issue and want to remove this tan naturally and are wondering how to remove tan then continue reading.

We all avoid going out in summers as much as we can and end up losing all the fun of bright sunny time of the year. So people no need to worry more, your girl is here to save you all the time and money.

Keep on following these steps to remove tan (honestly)

Cheer up! It’s going to go away; after all, it’s not your sibling 😉

Now, warrior mode on and stop looking for anything else, stick to this method for at least 15 days, we are going to end it together

Go to your kitchen and grab some coffee, lemon, honey and coconut oil, that’s it this is your solution.

Now mix 1 spoon of coffee and honey with half lemon’s juice.

Apply it on your face, neck, hands, feet, legs and wherever else you would like.

Leave it on for 20 minutes

Keep scrubbing gently in the beginning and then leave to dry.

Wash off, pat dry. There you have it. You will notice a visible effect from first application but continue using every alternate day for two weeks and you will feel like defeating the sun that too with saving money.
Few tips:

Coffee should not be very fine grinded, it should have some crystals in it ( you can try this
one BRU gold from Amazon and get 15% off)

This mask also helps in removing pimples and moisturizes the skin


If you feel burning sensation remove at once because everybody has different skin type and sometimes even natural products can cause damage

//Tested on Humans\\

Also, I have used it for two weeks and I have made my siblings use it if you have any more ideas to remove tan and if this mask works for you too (that it will) then comment and let us all know.



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