Ever felt like I can’t do this anymore, this is it, it’s over, felt lost and unmotivated. If yes then its Ok to fell down sometimes and you have got this. so keep up and read. if you have never said ‘I can’t do it anymore’ then congratulations you are not human!

I can’t do this anymore! Why do you feel unmotivated?

We are all humans and are always engaged in completing the purpose of life. Which is to live a happy and fulfilling life. It is human nature to always ask for happiness and cry in pain. We are not selfish or self-centered if we keep our happiness above all. we have got one life and we have to live it all.

We are so determined in trying to live our mirage life to the fullest that when anyone or anything defeats the purpose of our life. Our life comes crashing down at once. Even the slightest changes disturb our whole game plan and we feel like nothing is ever going to be OK!

Why do you even want a perfect life?

Have you ever wondered, who first decided that a vacation on the Maldives is only going to take away all your stress? That a road trip on the bike to Ladakh is only going to help you in self-discovery.

[NOTE: these examples are for references only, all people still thinking of going to Ladakh on a bike should not get offended]. See the point of wanting a perfect life is based on your insecurity only.

People are selling you your insecurity because you believe that your life already is not perfect and some trip is going to change the entire purpose of your life.

Listen you already have a perfect life and stick to it forever. Boy o boy people these days are selling insecurities like shit in every form. From new makeup to a new house, from buying expensive shit to some stereotypical body.

What do I expect from you?

Now that we have reached this far. You know that you just have to live your life, no matter how shitty it is, because it’s your own shit. You might be wondering that miss Ekta if everything is Ok in life, being a failure is Ok, being lazy and a coward is Ok, being rich and poor is Ok,

So why would anyone do anything, why would anybody ever try to be motivated in life

See life is meant to give you flowers and petals. Its a whole garden of thrones, rocks and stupid insects too. You have to keep working hard to grow your own flowers. Even after getting through all the slippery rocks and pointed thrones.

Now these are the few things that you have to remember if you ever feel unmotivated:-

I can’t do this anymore: in any situation like this remember why you started in the first place, you must have thought of something when you made that choice. Nothing is going to last forever, it will be over soon. Seriously if you can’t find anything on why you started then you should probably quit.

Why me always? you are not a Gods sent angel, you are not special. Everyone is suffering, life is made that way. Nobody is Buddha here. Look around you. People are dying because they slept for too long and also dying from lack of sleep. So just keep doing your work, you king. Do anything just don’t stop, even waking up early counts. Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow would be even better. if you were alive yesterday I am pretty sure you will make it to tomorrow

Baby steps: remember when nothing works, just keep taking one thing at a time, if you feel like dying to try to live for one more day, c’ mon you have lived for may days lets try one more what could be worse than it already is.,

And that’s how you stay motivated, trust me being motivated is an art and it comes from practice. so keep taking one minute, one, a day at a time. Also, it is very important to live. Remember dying is easy, getting up and fighting needs everything.

So say I can’t do this anymore, but don’t stop keep working

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