Lock-Down | 10 things to do in your lock-down time at home.

Lock-Down | 10 things to do in your lock-down time at home.

What the world is facing right now is really upsetting. In my blog earlier I have said that the Earth is a greater force than human beings. It can wipe away our existence within seconds. so instead of destroying the planet and then trying to mend all the loss by growing some trees. we humans should just stop misusing Earth’s resources.

On the fifth day of lock-down in Delhi, the air quality has improved considerably. it has gone from being unhealthy to moderate. Delhi has taken several measures to improve its air quality but nothing has worked earlier. Now, look at what nature has done.

his entire situation is extremely painful. I pray that the world gets better asap. God be with us all. Lots of negativity is floating around. So I wrote down some crazy ideas that can help you live your best life in your lock-down time.

10 Crazy ideas for your lock-down time:


1.Planning what is ahead of lock-down:

it is only natural, that you feel anxious about what is going to happen. Let’s face it, we cannot control everything in life. what will happen is nothing you can predict. but you can predict one thing. How you will carry your life once this lock-down is over. for example, you can plan a trip to your favorite destination. you can make a playlist of your favorite songs. you can literally think of 1000 things that you will do once we win the world.

2. Spend some family time:

Your relatives, family, and friends you never had the time to connect to. you can get in touch with them again. everyone needs some motivation in this tough time. you can pray for them all and tell them you care for them

3. Give some help to people suffering from lock-down:

you have a home, a phone, and the internet. you have your family too take care of you. but there are so many helpless animals and people in need. you can help them. as the temperature is rising in India, birds will die from thirst for water. if not anything else you can put some water out for those birds.

4. Cleaning time:

I am doing this irrespective of my will because my mother has gone into the ‘Diwali ki safai’ mode. But you can also do so if you literally have nothing else to do.

5. Self-evaluation during lock-down:

It is the perfect time to find out who you are, where you are in your life and what you want to be. Pre-lock-down period, I heard people complain about how they hate their life, their job. so, now is the time to change your life.

6. Time to develop New interests:

You can develop a new hobby or interest. my cousin is complaining about how bored they are. how they have nothing to do. I suggest they and all of you out there. your willingness is what will keep you entertained at this time. keep your spirit high. find something that you can learn at home such as a new language. I decided to learn to nail-art and read a new book.

7. Do home workout during lock-down:

Now is the time to surprise the world. while all the people around you will be sitting at home gaining pounds and pounds every day. you can be someone different. workout and when you will go out, the world would be a different place for you.

8.Play some family games:

we play ludo at our house. it is a legit boring game I must say. but my mother loves it. she literally forces me to play by using all her emotional blackmails. there are thousands of family games you can play with your family. make this lock-down time some happy time for your family.

9. Improve your mental health:

One thing you will need most during this lock-down is mental-strength. Have you read the news about people committing suicide because of the fear of getting infected. Do Yoga and meditation and motivate your loved ones to do so. a strong mind can make a difference.

10. Boost your Immunity:

Not only to fight this epidemic but forever. with the change in lifestyle and eating habits, Indian has experienced a decrease in the immunity of its people. with balanced-diet and healthy habits this can be changed.

India is a land of bravery and unity. we have experienced worst and we came out of it strongly. I am sure we are going to fight this as well. You can help with the fight against this epidemic that COVID-19 is. Lots pf people are suffering due to the lock-down. you can donate on the following links and help make a difference.

Stay home, Stay safe, Stay positive.

To donate visit: PM CARES fund


just trying to shaping it blue.

stay home, stay safe, Stay positive.

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