Yoga- Introduction, and Benefits for your body.

Yoga- Introduction, and Benefits for your body.

What is yoga?

First things first, I am an Indian. So, I qualify to put my thoughts on yoga. while growing up, we learned yoga in our school. It was in our curriculum. Not only that my mother tells me that she had also done yoga in her school. For the rest of the world, we Indians understand your obsession with yoga. But you dare not say that yoga originated in America or Bali or I don’t know what else. It is ours. We have proofs in our books. Of course how you have accepted it and what you have done with it is commendable. I appreciate it.

In my opinion, yoga is everything. it is a way of life. It is a prayer. It can stimulate your soul, your body and both your conscious and subconscious mind. it is a therapy. It can reincarnate your dead self. It can transform you into something new. It can give you potential you didn’t know you had. trust me, It is everything you need.

India and yoga.

The world already knows, but I must repeat it once again. Hinduism is the main religion followed in India. 1.02 out of 1.03 billion people are Hindu. Their sacred texts are Vedas and Upanishads. These texts contain all kind of information and guidelines that governs this religion. the word “yoga” is found in one such Veda, The Rig Veda. Thus Yoga derives its origination in India.

yoga positions

Mental benefits of Yoga.

  1. Relieves stress: After doing yoga daily. sometimes twice a day. I can say, it changes what your reflex towards stress will be. It cannot suddenly decrease stress. that is too much to say. But it will change the way you fell about things. It will make you more strong and fuel you with the power that you need to fight that stress.
  2. Reduces anxiety: First, understand what is anxiety? Anxiety is when you worry about something that is either going to happen or has already happened. It provides you with mental strength that can easily help you in managing your thoughts. Thus it is helpful in reducing anxiety.
  3. Depression: It is a vast word and it has a very wide range. It is difficult to say what will work and what won’t. Also Disclaimer I am no doctor, this is just my personal experience. but one thing is for sure. a person suffering from depression will get help from it. I did.

Physical benefits of Yoga

  1. Good sleep: Hands down. _/\_. Take note. it does improve your sleep. It does okay. No more questions. You will sleep like a baby.
  2. Stronger core: it strengthens your core. In my opinion, it is a kind of weight training, but with your body weight.
  3. Good skin: It helps in purifying the inner system and even makes you look clean.

How to do Yoga?

There are many types of yoga. Each has different use and cause. You can start by trying out a few, and then stick to what works best for your goal. There is a lot to say on this particular topic. We will have it in detail in the next blog.

My experience.

In my school time, It was nothing but a form of exercise for me. but when I grew up. I was not in a very good mental state. I struggled with a lot of emotional issues. then I decided to mix yoga with meditation. It worked like it was always meant to help me. like it was the only cure. within days I could feel the change. In my case, I benefited mentally more than physically.


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