Mental Health – Real meaning of mental health.

Mental Health – Real meaning of mental health.

Mental health is the level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness

Mental Health is very personal. we all share different emotions and feelings, how we feel, react, interact is our won unique expression.

These days there are so many standards as to who is mentally healthy and who is not. It has become frustrating and difficult at the general level.

I personally find it difficult to express myself in public because that self-evaluation in the background is continuously ticking. I worry that if I cry, they will judge me as depressed. if I laugh out loud, they will judge me as being weird.

Are people selling mental health?

These people who are selling mental health. they have developed a mold of being healthy. if you do not fit into it, you are labeled depressed, anxious, etc. they have given new words to make you believe that you have it.

not denying that one cannot be mentally unhappy. I have suffered for the longest time for mental stability myself. I am eligible to say that mental health is brought to the world as some unattainable trophy.

The other day I heard my little niece saying “I feel depressed” for not getting her favorite shoe color. It made me question what we have done? we have obviously leashed into the world the definition of depression, anxiety, and mental health.

we forgot to explain what is not depression, what is not anxiety.

That it is okay to feel sad sometimes that we are all just humans and we tend to fell low. that we cry, laugh, like, dislike, fight, celebrate. sometimes question our own existence. its okay to fell all these emotions.

we have the heart to feel. when these emotions flow out of proportion like when you cry all day or you feel like being the worst person, you feel you have the worst life. you should consider medical help.

There is still a lot of hard work required to educate people. people who believe to be mentally unhealthy while they are not are in more danger. people who are unhealthy and have no clue about it can be educated.

To know the meaning of some famous “words” related to mental health continue reading.


Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act – American Psychiatric Association


people with anxiety disorders frequently have intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. – mayoclinic


Stress is the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change – Hans Selye. visit for more information.


Tension cannot be defined in two lines it has a vast definition. being worried is a part of it.


just trying to shaping it blue.

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