Have you ever wondered that after all these years all you will remember is, just your beautiful life and the beautiful people in it and what will matter is what you build from Trash!

things that you worry about today will be nothing more than just the names you remember, nobody really matters,

purpose of your life is not to find the purpose of life,
it’s just to live this life as easy as it is

What you see from here is the path that you have to walk on trash!

it’s not going to be easy.
it’s going to be harder than you thought it’s going to be breath-sucking there will be time you would feel low
you would feel the purpose of it being lost that you could have done something else

But remember,

why erase the purpose of everything, 
everything you ever wanted, everything you are,
source of everything that you was, that you were

you have been, you could be,
don’t hate who you were, who you are today,
then how will you know what you are going to be
whatever you will be you will be a result of who you choose to be
and if you hate yourself today, how will you love yourself tomorrow don’t expect too much, don’t be too harsh on yourself

don’t make goals that, your body, your soul, your mind don’t allow yourself to be

be someone your body cherish
be someone your mind is happy to be inside of
after all, it is a small world, small life, there are just a few people on your side

don’t hate so much,
hate comes easy
don’t be sad,
life is gonna take a sharp turn
you won’t even know where it’s taking you

Love yourself and create the best out of trash!

who you are, is who you choose to be
you always had that choice,
about the turn that you took,

every turn that you took has made you who you are today,

don’t regret,

if you want to be something tomorrow, start working today
your life is what you make it

if you want to look pretty if you want to do something for yourself do it
take that small step, obviously, things that are easy are ugly
things that pretty need hard work
so, are you afraid of working hard?


you are sad with what you got because you did not work harder

it’s just you who can help yourself most importantly you don’t help you are already fire,
whatever went down, went down

point is what you are gonna build from, here from the trash

because you matter and you are gonna make something that will matter

(just trying to shaping blue)

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