March, the Eighth, 2019“ Happy Women’s Day! celebrate women!

Have you ever wondered

Why things that are important, are actually important in life are?

Are they important because you thought they were important or because they told you they were important?

Ever questioned the existence of things in your life?

Asked yourself why is it important to feel or not feel.

Who decided what’s right or wrong.

Who decided the limit of your imagination?

Ever thought that this world is a small place and you are only here for a few years.

Journey of Earth!

Wondered how old Earth is and what’s your contribution to the journey of planet Earth?

No no not talking about global warming and everything. Ever wondered what all the time we talk about helping Earth to survive and growing trees and saving water?

Ever wondered what Earth may be powerful enough, it does not need your help.

Just think it is the only planet having life. Maybe the earth is just giving us time to play along and it will just whoosh everything away. I mean we are just as relevant as dust particle to earth.

For reference: remember what it did to dinosaurs once. Who are we?

I just think we should stop playing the creator, and just start playing along.

We created plastic, why should earth de-compose it.

Polluted the air, why should earth clean it.

Who are we to grow trees, the earth can do it itself. We should focus more on stop cutting trees, then grow them.

Just get what I am saying as a women.

So are women, understand the concept of feminism guys.

Don’t help women. Maybe they don’t need your help (start being nice to yourself)

If you will love yourself more, you will hurt women less.

Maybe women have all the love, care, respect in herself already enough to nurture the entire planet.


This is the theme “We feel helpless when you pretend to be helpful”.

Women are no different than men.

Neither do we need an equal share, nor your acceptance and respect.

We are capable enough to find our own way. I mean we have been doing it since forever.  

Even when the situation was against us!

We don’t want you to make everything positive for us.

All you can do is minding your own business.

That’s all for us.

Happy woman’s day to all my lovely sisters!

Remember a single day is not enough to celebrate women. It will take a lifetime

Every day of your life is a celebration in itself.  


(Just trying to shape blue)

Lighten up, simply relish life, smile more, laugh a lot of and don’t get so worried about things”. -Kenneth Branagh

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